Explore the details about whatsapp app

Explore the details about whatsapp app

Whatsapp is one of the popular free to download app as the messenger for all smart phones. It works well on both the android and iOs devices. It makes use of the internet for sending images, messages, video and even audios. The services of this app are much similar to the service of text messaging. However, this app makes use of internet for sending messages and cost of sending messages through this app is also cheapest as compared to the text messaging system. It is the popular app amongst most of the teenagers as it features the group chatting, location sharing, voice messages and more.


Biggest messenger app online

With around 700 million numbers of users, the whatsapp application started in 2009. It is presently the biggest app of online messenger in whole market. It was founded by the ex-employees of yahoo that started as small startup and further swelled to 250,000 users in few months. Growing fast they started adding charge for using this service every year for slowing subscription rate. In the year 2014, the Facebook acquired it from them. For using the app, you just need a compatible smart phone or tablet with SIM card, phone number and internet connection.

Get started

This app makes use of the phone number as its username and account gets locked to phone. You can transfer the contacts to new devices later on. For using the app you need to pay nominal fees as €0.99 every year but first year it started as free. The cost is used as in app purchase. In the year 2016, the whatsapp even introduced some of the plugin of Google chrome for allowing users to access the chats of this app on desktop too. This app comes with plenty number of alluring features which includes as,

  • Sharing of location in the real time through messages
  • Organized list of contacts so that people can send quickly the messages to people individually or in groups
  • It even allows every user for keeping in touch with people living abroad without making any payment of extra international charges that are in text messages

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of this app specify all users that they should be at least 16 years of age for using this service. Get started with this app today. Download the app from Google play store for android device and from app store for iOs devices.